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Custom Abutments


3D Printing

Sending a file for Custom Ti Abutments:

Please be sure Abutment is within the 10mm diameter shown in the CAD parameters. This is in order to receive your case in a timely manner. Abutment files sent by 8:00AM (MST) will ship the same Day. Abutment files sent after 8:00AM (MST) will be sent the next business day.

       *Please ensure you have all instructions filled out clearly on the RX. If instructions are missing, then our default design will be applied.  

Brands in Stock

Hiossen regular/mini
Nobel Replace NP/RP/WP/WP 6.0
Straumann Bone Level NC/RC 
Zimmer Screw-vent 3.5/4.5/5.7
5 days in lab as long as criteria is met. (Sending a File Guide) 


ADA Insurance Codes for Dental Implants

D6057 Custom abutment - A connection to an implant that is a fabricated component, usually by a laboratory, specific for an individual application. A custom abutment is typically fabricated using a casting process and usually is made of noble or high noble metal. A "UCLA" abutment is an example of this type abutment.

Sending a model:

• Carefully package and ship your articulated upper and lower casts that have been thoroughly disinfected
• Be sure the working model has removable, clearly trimmed dies with clearly marked margins
• All dies must be ditched (follow guide bellow) for accurate scanning and easy identification of margins
• Diagnostic wax-ups are highly recommended to help assist in guiding the designs, but are not essential


Please do not send:

• Broken casts, chipped models or dies with faulty or loose dowel pins
• Wax bites or metal articulators – we only need the correctly articulated casts with removable, clearly trimmed and        marked dies that have been disinfected thoroughly
• Models without a script or work order, or with an incomplete script/work order, will incur delays.  In order to avoid delays, let Ikon Dental provide you with our Lab Slips. 

Ikon Titanium Custom Abutments provide a combination of consistency, durability, and accuracy. Milled from precision CNC machines developed specifically for this use. Customers have come to expect nothing less than the following:

     Natural Emergence 
     Accurate fits
     Natural appeal
     One-piece abutments 

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