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Q & A

Q: What is our cost of an abutment if a machine has technical issues?

         A) Ikon Dental LLC. will mill from files for the Customer at the operating cost of each file until the customers machine is fixed. This excludes shipping charges.

Q: If our Machine needs servicing, how much it will cost, and how long does it takes to fix it?

       A) If it is within the first year of purchase (time is set with the arrival date of the machine to the customers facility) then a service technician will remotly assist or physically attend the customers place of business for service. After the first year then the customer must afford the cost of either the remote support and/or flight, hotel, transsportation to customer along with service parts needed.

Q: Where can i order supplies? (ie: Titanium pre-milled blanks, tools, cooling lliquid, etc.)

       A) You can order on our website or by calling 786-571-4566. Please leave a message of what you would like to order and your contact information.

Q: How long do i have to wait for a stock order to fill?

       A) A pre-paid stock order will be filled no later than 10 working days from the time a payment is posted.

Q: Can i request different types of abutment platforms to stock?

       A) Yes! Please submit a request by email and we will relpy with information on caost and time. (Please be very specific with details)

Q: Do i have to pay for the Implant library files and scan bodies?

       A) Implant library files are free to download to your dental scan and design system. You can purchase scan bodies on our website 

Q: Where do i find the platform list that you carry?

       A) Please click HERE for the PDF of platform offered.

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